Justin Bieber pulls out all the stops to dominate the charts.

Justin Bieber, who previously could sneeze on a track and watch it fly to the top spot, has more of an uphill battle than ever before. His star power is still immense, but it’s faded over the years. His new song, “Yummy,” is underwhelming. After a few years away, that was what he decided to return with? The songwriting is a bit cringe, the video is meh and it’s decently produced.

A lot has changed since Bieber released Purpose in 2015. The industry consumes music through streaming, though for chart placement… physical sales are still very much important. It appears the “Yummy” numbers aren’t as stellar as Team JB had hoped for, so they’re unleashing a campaign to ensure a #1. Bieber even recorded a video pleading for fans to help. He says if he gets #2 or #3 he’ll be a loser SMH.

For 24 hours only, Beliebers can order an array of physical merchandise with JB’s signature. That includes four different signed CDs, a Yummy vinyl, and a Yummy cassette. The prices are CHEAP, ranging from $5 – $9. It will ship in 18 weeks(!!!).

I may or may not be a 31-year-old man who ordered a signed Justin Bieber cassette. 🤗

There’s also a “Yummy” game. I refuse to download it so I’m not sure how it contributes to sales, but it exists.

I think going HAM to get a single to #1 is a bit cringe, but also I respect the business hustle. It’s just kind of funny it’s all going down the same time Selena’s new album Rare drops.

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  1. I hate how the charts have now become like a game to these new artists. CRINGE.

    Atleast Taylor Swift masks it under the guise of really good marketing, her flowery words and statements, other PR moves and stunts, and befriending, aligning, and namedropping other relevant artists. But to outright ask your fans to make you number one like Lizzo and now Justin, oh my goood. It’s definitely gonna ve a precedent for other artists in the future. Taylor maybe a snake but atleast she’s a Regina George in sheep’s clothing. Lizzo and Biebs are being Karen Smiths, ughhh. But i’ll be honest no matter what, i’ll always f-ck with Justin (unless he comes for Britney).

    1. Totally. I mean, 1) super rude to take more money from your fans for just the same song over and over but I do get it 2) sorta sad when you’re faking your popularity trying to get the same people to by multiples of the same product.

      But they go do them.

    1. EWW. EWW. EWW. Oh goood. Ughhh. This is waaay worse then the first video (IG stories). I mean, the desperation. Oh my god. And LOSER? What? I mean, he didn’t lie though. But like this is just not a good look. I want him to debut at #4 now. I really hope he does.

    1. I said in the article I bought one, then posted it, then went to actually finish the purchase and couldn’t bring myself to do it. Like, what am I going to do with it. I feel like a machine will be signing these anyway – no way he’s gonna sit down and autograph 20,000 items.

      No regrets buying the signed Mariah vinyl tho lol

      1. I could see it be a printed signature. When I got Trixie Mattel’s record on vinyl, it was “signed” but looked printed to me. But I wanted the record anyway and wasn’t more expensive so no harm no fowl. Just super lame.

  2. Always competitive and always wants to go for the number one spot…then do better. Also singers like him are not artists. To put out your craft out for the sake of numbers on charts is sad. I’ve liked some of his songs in the past but never been a fan. He’s white privilege to the T.

    1. It’s amazing how much more mature Selena seems and how much effort she is putting in creatively compared to him. It’s so obvious who really “won” after the breakup.

  3. Am I the only one who just feels a lot of people don’t have much respect for him. It’s like so the announcement of the sickness…was it real or just try and push your record?
    To be young and have rich people problems 🤨

  4. i actually hate this. make good music that actually resonates with people. the entitlement of this **** is beyond me. this is actually checking my ego… i feel like i deserve a place in the industry and get mad/sad that i’m not there yet, but i need to ground myself and be thankful for being alive and doing what i love at the end of the day. my pains come from lack of finances, so this guy tryna bribe people with incentives to get to #1 irks me… like, it’s not gonna bring you fulfillment honey.

    these charts are such a false image of reality. it’s all $$$. if you’re rich enough you can get your *** on billboard even though nobody listens to your music. if you are “someone”, like ed Sheeran, $$$ will force us to hear your music on every radio station. a select few hold all the power and they need to maintain it.

    it’s a numbers game. it’s a money game.

    it’s never about artistic integrity.

  5. I don’t mind the different formats, it’s kind of a trend right now, but the excessive variations of CD singles is ridiculous. It’s like he knows the song is bad. I like Biebs but this new direction he’s going is so bland, especially this boring style of singing he’s been doing. He can definitely sing better than that.

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