Peep his response to the fist fight seen around the world.

Justin Bieber Wants You To Know 'Fighting's Not Cool'

Pop prince sounds off on violence in a new Instagram video.

There has been a lot of hearsay on Justin Bieber’s fist fight, which exploded onto the Internet earlier this week, but the pop titan wants you to know that getting physical just isn’t cool.

In a new Instagram post, which was uploaded on Friday (June 10), JB is seen in the car with friend Micah Cravalho, who attempts to show him something on his phone. “What are you showing me?” Justin asks, before making a cheeky reference to the fist fight seen around the world.

“Is that a fighting video? Dude, fighting’s not cool. Dude.”

As for Cravalgo’s response, the co-founder of Generosity Water says: “That’s why you don’t take on 6-foot-5 guys.” Listen, we get that you want to do your thing, Justin. But from your no photo-opp statement to this most recent fist fight and all the douchebaggery in between, let’s just take a second to remember why you’re in this thing called the spotlight and make sure to just act cool because all your hard work (and good tunes) won’t be able to erase the rep of an *******.

Case in point: Chris Brown.

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