It’s the thought that counts.

It’s the thought that counts, Justin Bieber.

Bieber has a new song with BloodPop titled “Friends” dropping on Thursday at noon, but that’s not why the pop star became the center of a worldwide Trending Topic on Twitter today (Aug. 15).

Bieber randomly decided to give fellow Canadian pop star Shawn Mendes a shout-out on Instagram, but he mistakenly misspelled Shawn’s name as Shaw Mendez (@shawmendez). Clearly, that is not how you spell Shawn Mendes’ name. The account Biebs tagged doesn’t even exist (though I’m sure by now someone has already snagged it and are setting up a meme account as we speak).

Some of Shawn’s fans thought it was shade – but I’d like to point out how bad Bieber is at Instagram. Earlier this week, Bieber private messaged a gym located in Savannah, Georgia, and asked if they could give him the information to one of their female employees named Jessica Gober. Totally casual. BuzzFeed has an entire story on it if you’re interested. Clearly, Bieber’s misspelling was an innocent mistake. He even tried to correct it! The singer went back to the post and edited the username to @shawmendes, but obviously that is still misspelled (he forgot the “n” in Shawn).

Never change, Bieber.

What a LEGEND. @shawmendes

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