Biber says it’s easy working with Skrillex because he “cares so much.”

Justin Bieber Releases An Acoustic Version Of "Sorry" With Skrillex

Justin Bieber does away with the expensive-sounding production for a guitar and some segway boards.

Bieber figures he better up his game if he wants to compete with Adele (impossible) this week, so he released the entire version of his acoustic cover of his most recent Purpose single, “Sorry.”

When Bieber and Skrillex aren’t riding around and colliding into one another in the newly uploaded black & white clip, they’re trading accolades.

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“Honestly, every single thing was so good it was hard to figure out where to go because every pass he would do would be something different,” Skrillex said of the Biebs.

The “What Do You Mean” singer returns the compliment, saying of the producer, “Working with this guy is like, it’s easy, because he just cares so much.”

Not everything works well as an acoustic cover, though.