Justin Bieber’s bipolar relationship with his fans continues.


Justin Bieber’s bipolar relationship with his fans continues.

The Bieber has expressed his burning desire to connect with the masses throughout 2016, but as the year progresses and his stardom rises, so do these high pressure situations he finds himself in.

Last week, as Bieber made his way through a crowd of people during a stop on his Purpose tour in the Czech Republic, an overzealous tween girl literally pulled his pants down.

And today (Nov. 22) things take a turn for the worse in Barcelona, Spain. Bieber literally punched a male fan in the face after they stuck their arm through his car window to grab him and touch his face.

Violence is never OK, but we’re with the Biebs on this one. Just roll the window up next time, bro.


There’s already a GIF of it.

Actual reaction:

Earlier this month, Bieber explained why having bodyguards is so important.

“Having security creates space for me, it creates boundaries, it creates a safe place for me,” Bieber told Rolling Stone. “As the fans get older and are knowing themselves more, they start understanding how to act and they actually want to act a little bit more sane so that maybe they get my attention because at this point they’re screaming and super overwhelming, it’s hard for me to connect with you.”


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