Justin Bieber played a bit of new tune titled “Close To You.”

Listen to a bit of a new tune from Justin Bieber titled “Close To You.”

Bieber just wants to be heard, y’all. During a couple of his shows across the pond, he’s asked fans to more or less shut up so he can have a “moment” with them and “connect.”

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Yes, Justin Bieber wants concert-goers to stop screaming at his concerts. Let that sink in.

But following his most-recent Purpose show, the Biebs decided to cut the lecture short and let the music do the talking. He blared a preview of a new song titled “Close To You,” and though the audio is muffled, it was recorded and plopped onto Twitter anyway.

From the low quality sound of it, Bieber is taking another shot at a “Cold Water” / “Let Me Love You” kind of record, and I’m here for it.

Listen below:

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