Justin Bieber Pop Star For Life: BBC Radio 1 Interview

October 27, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Bieber drops by BBC Radio 1 to promote his new record.

Justin Bieber Takes Control Of His Music: BBC Radio 1 Interview

Justin Bieber dropped by BBC Radio 1 to talk about his new record.

When Justin Bieber isn’t requesting someone from his entourage to get him a beer, he’s opening up about his forthcoming album Purpose out Nov. 13, what pop music means to him

“Feel happy. Feel inspired,” Bieber says about what he wants people to take away from the album.

“The reason I named it Purpose was because for a while there I feel like I lost my purpose and I feel like I found my purpose again. So, just that message to say no matter how far you feel like you’re away from yourself or you feel like you don’t have your purpose or you don’t know what your purpose is — there’s always room to find that purpose again.”

Bieber’s aware everyone has an opinion on him, but this time around he’s doing what he wants.

“I was never able to make the music that I wanted to make. I was really young and I had people telling me what to record and giving me songs and stuff, so it wasn’t my music. It was, but it wasn’t. I’m glad now that I really have say in what I do and feel like this is my project.”

Bieber details Justin Timberlake’s transition from *NSYNC (music for teenagers) to being solo and finding who he was an artist as an adult.

“When he transitioned and started making ‘**** Back,’ he really found something that was unique to what he was feeling and what he wanted to do. I think it takes time as an artist for you to develop your style and develop what you like and what you don’t like.”

He adds, “I got Kanye working on the album. I had Ed Sheeran. We had a lot of great, talented people.”

And if you think the Biebs might pull a Taylor Swift and change genres, think again.

“I want to always stay pop. I think that pop music isn’t necessarily cheesy, it’s just how you make pop music. Pop music just means popular music, so you take what’s hot in the world right now and you flip it and you make it your own. I think that’s something awesome that Michael Jackson did. He always took what was super relevant at the time, like funk and techno and all that stuff.”

Bieber also admits he isn’t feeling anything that’s on the radio right now.

Watch the entire interview below: