Look at him now.

Selena Gomez released an emotional ballad titled “Lose You To Love Me.” It details her rise from the ashes following the ongoing train wreck relationship she had with Justin Bieber. Some consider “Look At Her Now” as another response to her breakup with JB. She’s releasing a new album titled Rare on January 10, but before that debuts you’ll be hearing from Justin Bieber.

Bieber is teasing his new era. He teased that his new music arrives on three dates: December 24th, the 31st and January 3rd.

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Selenators make a good point: there’s 52 weeks in a year, and JB, who hasn’t released an album since 2015, chooses the week before Selena’s album release to drop new music?

I’d also like to remind you that Justin said he’d release new music if his Instagram post reached 20 million likes. Yeah, it never did, and he has since deleted it.

Bieber also shared a new black & white promo photo.

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December 24, December 31, January 3 … #2020

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  1. Talk about a toxic relationship! But honestly? Since Selena’s awful AMA performance and her whining afterwards (on top of aaaaaall her other years of whining) and then stopping two seconds to realise that she just released TWO (more) SONGS ABOUT JUSTIN, it all makes me think that she’s the one who’s crazy. She says that she wrote those songs months ago and that she’s over those emotions but she still got them out to the public AND as singles so she must be still relating to them ********.
    And about Justin and him releasing at the same time as Selena, from all the options available? Well he’s a basic dude so of course he’s petty and has to bite back, honoring his name (YES JT I’M TALKIN’ ‘BOUT CHU)

  2. I can’t say Justin is in the wrong. I mean, if Selena’s allowed to talk about smack about Justin in a song for the nth time, then Justin is allowed to be just as petty. And I am here for the drama and chart battle! Selena makes bops. Justin makes bops. Selena is a Britney stan. Justin is f–king hot. I love them both. Let the games begin! 🎉

    1. Me neither, he is gorgeous but he’s too skinny here, and all those damn tattoos do not help the look. He’s starting to look like Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers I wanna cry

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