After cancelling performances, Justin was back on stage to sing 2 of his tracks at The Chainsmokers’ L.A. concert.


We knew he couldn’t stay gone for long…

Justin recently cancelled appearances at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and the Thanksgiving Day Parade, reportedly because he was mentally and physically run-down after his non-stop Purpose promotional tour.

Seems as though the Biebs is feeling better though, as he joined The Chainsmokers on stage at their L.A. concert last night (Nov. 27). Justin’s surprise appearance included performances of 2 of his songs: “Where Are U Now” and “Sorry”.

We use the word “performance” lightly though. He mostly danced around to his tracks, and sang a couple of words here and there.

Check out clips of what went down below:

After the show, Justin took to Instagram to post a picture of himself on stage and express his love for the DJs: “Thank you to the Chainsmokers, u guys put on a hell of a show and honoured to be a part of it.”

Thank you to the Chainsmokers, u guys put on a hell of a show and honoured to be a part of it

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We already knew Justin and the Chainsmokers were fans of each other. A while back, the “No Pressure” singer posted a video on Instagram singing along to their song “Roses” and admitting to being a fan of the duo. The Chainsmokers were obviously stoked about the shout-out. Speaking to BreatheHeavy last month, they shared their excitement over Justin’s support and confirmed that the admiration was mutual:

We lost it! That was so dope! Dude has a million other things he could talk about or say and he gave us a really big look! The amount of attention he gets and the number of people that lean on his every word, it made him doing that a really big deal, but also personally it was cool because we admire him!

Roses @justinbieber remix! #whatdoyoumean you stole @rorykramer from us ?? #justinbieber

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Thoughts? Would you like to see a collaboration between Justin and The Chainsmokers?