Justin Bieber's In Men's Health Magazine

Another round of black and white shirtless photos of Justin Bieber are here.

The Biebs appears in the latest issue of Men’s Health magazine and details his workout strategy, as well as revealing 12 things you may or may not know about him.

From Mens’ Health:

Bieber lifts five times a week for about 45 minutes per session, using a three-day body-part-split: one workout for back and triceps, one for chest and biceps, and the other for legs and shoulders. They work abs every other day.

The magazine asked three fitness experts for advice on Bieber’s workout, and they unanimously agreed homeboy needs to work his lower body more and probably take a day off.

But what do they know?

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Here’s 12 things only a stan would know, and they’re probably not reading BreatheHeavy after the Calvin Klein scandal.

1. He can solve a Rubik’s Cube “in less than a minute” using “Mathematical algorithms.” When asked if he was a genius he said “I don’t think so. Maybe.”

2. He sings Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” in the shower

3. He sometimes wishes he could just disappear. “I wish I had the Batman thing where people didn’t know I was Bruce Wayne,” he told us. “Like I had a costume or something.”

4. His Bromance crush: Ben Affleck. “I think Ben Affleck’s supercool,” Bieber said. “I just think his vibe is cool.”

5. He’s a leg man. “I really like jean shorts and like a tank top. Or spandex.”

6. He feels different, like Michael Jackson different. “I’m a perfectionist, too,” Bieber said, comparing himself to MJ. “I’ve always been different, and I haven’t been afraid to be different.”

7. He’s been smacking around haters since he was 11. “I was a pitbull. I was small but I could hold my own.”

8. He has a trampoline-related neck injury. It happened “about a year ago,” he said. “I landed on a trampoline on my neck, doing a backflip, and my neck has been messed up ever since.”

9. His personal chiropractor, who’s helping him with that neck injury, is the same guy who invented the Abdominizer.

10. He’s made very weird police raid history. “My house got raided at the start of last year,” he said. “That’s when everything changed. Because it didn’t get raided for drugs or anything. It got raided because I egged someone’s house… I don’t know, it was really weird. No one’s ever gotten raided for eggs, ever. It’s the first time.”

11. He can do three double jumps in a row with a jump rope

12. He planning to get another tattoo. “I want ‘LL’ tatted right here [chest]. When you’re Low, Lift. Because we often want to keep our heads down. But we should life our heads.”

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