Justin Bieber is back! Sort of...

Justin Bieber appears to be easing back into the music scene after a disastrous few years.

The Biebs tweeted the music video for rapper Poo Bear’s new song “Work For It”, which features the Canadian singer himself (for all of a minute), as well as “Rack City” rapper Tyga.

Serving up platinum blonde Vanilla Ice realness, Bieber is seen looking sharp and slightly constipated as he gets fitted for some new threads by a beautiful model – as you do.

Selena Gomez will probably catch wind of this video and all her progress of blocking his phone calls will go to ****.

Is this the start to a successful comeback or is a cameo in an unknown’s video the sign of increasing irrelevance?

 photo tumblr_nh8rcrewCk1qb3mfao5_400_zpsvmly5c8x.gif