Find out how Jack Ü created one of the best songs in 2015.

Justin Bieber, Diplo & Skrillex Strip Down "Where Are Ü Now"

Justin Bieber’s vocal is the “dolphin” noise used in “Where Are Ü Now.”

The NYTimes wrote an extensive story about the birth, construction, deconstruction and accolades involving the Jack Ü/Justin Bieber collaboration that recently went platinum. The powerhouse trio give a behind-the-scenes inside look at how the song came to be in a new docu-style video.

Bieber’s manager told Diplo at a party he had an “amazing vocal from Bieber with just piano,” and forwarded it to the “Lean On” producer immediately. While it only took Bieber an hour and a half to record the song with producer Pooh Bear, it took Diplo and Skrillex four months off and on to get it right.

“We made it a song that feels like it’s from the future,” Diplo said.

That futuristic sound you’re hearing is Bieber’s vocal manipulated to death and back.

“That’s actually my vocal that they took and messed with,” Bieber said of the sound in the vid. “It sounds expensive.”

Skrillex adds they destroyed and broke down the lyric “need you the most” so many times it became that recognizable background production sound.

“Anybody can copy any synth now,” Diplo said. “But if you manipulate vocals, it’s really something original that no one can do.”

“It totally took it to a whole ‘nother atmosphere. I totally didn’t see that coming,” Bieber said of Skrillex and Diplo working on the song.

Watch the eight-minute interview here:

The song is currently nominated for Best Song of the Summer at the MTV Video Music Awards airing on Sunday, Aug. 30.

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