Fake news.

Why can’t we accept the fact that Justin Bieber axed the duration of his Purpose Tour because he was exhausted?

The media is looking for something salacious, but there’s nothing to be found. Justin Bieber abruptly cancelled the remainder of his tour – 14 shows – due to what his reps said was “unforeseen circumstances.”

Paparazzi caught the pop star walking around in Santa Monica hours after the announcement and asked him point-blank why he decided to cut it short. “Everything’s fine. I’ve been on tour for two years. Yeah, just resting, getting some relaxation. Gonna ride some bikes,” he said. Biebs also offered an apology: “I love you guys. You guys are awesome. And I’m sorry for anybody who feels disappointed or like, betrayed. It’s not in my heart or anything.”

TMZ reported the following day the reason was actually his recommitment to Christ. They even had a source label it a “religious enlightenment.”

When paps hounded Bieber today (Wednesday, July 26), naturally they brought that up. TMZ published a video of the encounter, and the pop star looks visibly perplexed at the notion that he would quit the tour for God. He shakes his head and mumbles “no” a couple of times.

TMZ also claimed his crew was insanely pissed off at him for cancelling the shows without warning because it screwed them over financially. Bieber had a few words to say about that as well:

Face it, folks. Bieber toured for two years straight and decided he was done. Who gon’ check him?

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