One thing Bieber’s not sorry for? His naked pictures.

Justin Bieber Counts Down New Skrillex Single "Sorry"

Justin Bieber: Sorry I’m not sorry!

Bieber’s new album, Purpose, drops Nov. 13, and to continue the upstream of promotion, the 21-year-old is releasing his second single following “What Do You Mean” on Friday (Oct. 23). He posted a picture with a countdown and the names Skrillex and Blood [Diamonds] (A.K.A. Michael Tucker, who’s listed on several cuts off the record) and a link to pre-order the album on iTunes on Sunday.


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Bieber followed that up with another post on Monday, saying “New song. Biggest one yet?”

The single name is slightly amusing considering the latest interview Bieber gave regarding his naked pictures. Last week, Bieber told reporters he felt violated after the pictures surfaced, but followed it up with another frank detailing, this time to the Zach Sang & The Gang radio show.

“I thought it was hilarious,” Justin says of his dad’s Tweet that said “what do you feed that thing. #proud daddy”.

Bieber continues, “It’s such a dad thing to say. When I found out people were hating on him for saying that, I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? What dad wouldn’t be proud of that?'”

“At the end of the day, the photos, they’re not terrible! But honestly, at first — and before the reaction was what it was, and still with the reaction — I still felt, like, I wanted to keep that part for me, you know?” he explains. “I felt like it was a little bit of an invasion of privacy. I just don’t want people to think I’m, like, ‘Yeah’ [points to the camera]. And when I first found out about it … my heart sank.”

“What am I gonna do now? It’s out there. So the more I stress about it, I’m like, ‘They’re out, what can I really do?'”