The Biebs admits he isn’t looking for a relationship, denies new single is about Selena.


Justin Bieber appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show today to discuss his latest single, but the conversation quickly turned to the star’s love life.

Don’t believe those rumours of Justin dating ‘What Do You Mean” video costar Xenia Deli! When asked by Ellen who he’s dating, Justin playfully avoided the question at first, instead turning the conversation to Ellen’s eyewear. To the delight of Beliebers everywhere, he finally admitted that he isn’t seeing anyone, revealing: “I’m single ladies! And ready to mingle”. But don’t expect him to jump into anything too soon. It might be a while before we see Justin in another serious relationship, as the pop also revealed to Ellen that he isn’t sure he’s ready for a relationship right now.

The “Confident” singer did some more dodging when Ellen suggested that “What Do You Mean” might be about Selena, or more accurately someone who’s name rhymes with “Melena”. The Biebs avoided the Selena topic completely and instead insisted that the song is about “women in general” and his inability to know what they are thinking.

Justin and Ellen also discussed the VMAs, whether or not Madonna is too old for him and why he took down that infamous Instagram picture of his behind.

Watch the full interview here:

While on the show, Justin also took the time to make a lucky fan’s day, bringing her flowers and dancing with her to Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)”:

Do you think JB will stay single for long?