With an impressive 17 entries on this week’s Hot 100.

Halsey Lands On Justin Bieber's 'Purpose' Album

After racking up 17 Hot 100 entries, Bieber has dethroned The Beatles and Drake with the most concurrent entries on the singles chart.

It’s probably a drastic understatement to say that Justin Bieber’s comeback has been a huge success and his latest achievement marks no exception.

After beating One Direction in the race to the top of the Billboard 200, Bieber has managed to land 17 of the 18 tracks from the deluxe edition of ‘Purpose’ on the Hot 100, beating the previous record of 14, set by The Beatles in 1964 and matched by Drake twice this year.

Bieber’s success is likely due to heavy streaming as a result of releasing a music video for each track on ‘Purpose’. Whilst physical sales for the record were strong, One Direction’s ‘Made in the A.M.’ actually bested Justin in copies moved but he clawed back the number 1 position with digital engagement.

He also joins The Beatles and 50 Cent as one of only three artists to have three simultaneous entries in the top 5.

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No doubt Bieber’s comeback has surpassed even his own expectations.