Snap ya fingers.


He might be tight with Skrillex these days but Justin Bieber is still on his R&B flow in “Future,” an ultra-mellow collaboration with up-and-comers Khalil and Kehlani.

Despite being taken from Khalil’s EP, “Future” plays like a duet between Bieber and Kehlani as they go back-and-forth deciding whether they should break up or not.

Think “The Boy Is Mine” but instead of Brandy and Monica arguing over a boy, these two are fighting for their relationship to continue into the… future.

It’s a low-key affair that manages to achieve the “90s R&B” sound with authenticity thanks to its minimal production (Rex Kudo, Charlie Handsome) and beautiful vocals from both singers, who compliment each other greatly.

Khalil’s EP “Long Way From 916” will be released later this year.

More Bieber x Kehlani, please.