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Justin Bieber Adds Ariana Grande To "What Do You Mean" Remix

Justin Bieber announced his album Purpose is available for pre-order this Friday (Oct. 16).

And with that pre-order comes the official “What Do You Mean” remix featuring none other than Ariana Grande.

Grande surprised concert-goers last month with a special mash-up of Justin Bieber’s No. 1 single ‘What Do You Mean” and her song “One Last time.” The two are taking things a step further by collaborating for a remix of the song.

Biber revealed the news on Wednesday (Oct. 14), saying “Ok. Preorder Friday. Let’s do it. Ok by you @ArianaGrande? #purpose #nov13 #remix #PreOrder.”

Grande responded with “what do you mean?”

The two have a lengthy history working together. Not only do they frequently join each other on stage, but they also share management. And now apparently songs.

Thoughts on Ariana Grande jumping on Bieber’s track?