Britney has just released her second perfume “Fantasy” and just had a baby so whats next for the hot mama? A photoshoot with her new born baby “Sean Preston” the cover of the magazine hasn’t been official yet but it has reportley cost the magazine 2.6 million. Besides that Spears’ second season of “Chaotic” on the UPN series will show Spears’ pregnacy documented and probably will air on MTV and Vh1 depending on how many viewers it got on the stations. The documenty of her pregnacy and the second season cost UPN 3.4 million. Spears also has a new make-up line comming out next month and her hubby “Kevin Federline” has a new album comming out early next year, and it is reported Spears 6th album will hit the summer scene or early 2007 called “Original Doll”. Albums, baby’s, clothing line, make-up line, indorsment deals, magazine covers, perfume’s, Tv shows, fantasy’s, isnt it good to be Britney Spears?

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