The way things are reported on Britney always put her in a bad light, always. I heard NO negative remarks about “daddy of the year” (Kevin…) when he went out to drink at Club Element followed by drinking at a bar “with” Lindsay Lohan last night (April 03). If / when Britney did this, the media and spectators lash out at her saying “she’s a bad mom and spends no time with her kids.” I’m not putting down Kevin in any way, I’m calling it like it is. The media is harsher towards women, especially Britney, period.

Just goes to show how the media can shape our views and turns the celebrity’s life into a circus freak-show that everybody builds up, just to tear down. DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ.

… And in other Kevin Federline news:

According to records obtained by Star from Pendleton Municipal Court, 20-year-old Cameron – a minor by local law – was arrested by members of the Pendleton Police Department at midnight on March 4, during a raucous party at his family home. At an April 3 court appearance, Cameron Federline pled guilty to the charges of “providing liquor to minors” (his other underage partygoers), “illegal possession of alcohol by a minor” and “illegal possession of alcohol by a minor by consumption” (he was drinking, as well).

Cameron was sentenced to 90 days in jail, 85 of which were suspended under the condition that he have no new arrests in one year, pay a $708 fine, and attend a victim’s impact panel on alcohol abuse. He immediately began serving his five-day jail sentence, and was scheduled for release on April 7.

I love how his beard matches his shirt!

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