Just call her Miss Britney: Britney Spears found a good way to shed those post-baby pounds when she taught two free jazz-hip-hop dance classes for kids at the Malibu Academy of Dance recently.

Spears showed up in dance-teacher mode – wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt – and instructed a packed house of 88 students, ranging in age from 7 to 14. She played a new remix of the Eurythmics song “Here Comes the Rain Again” – and one of her own tunes that’s likely to be on her next album. Then she went into action, showing the students a series of dance moves. “(Britney) did a step called The Monkey, and she did a little squeak at the end of it,” studio owner Steve Chase told us. “It had all the kids laughing. She was incredibly sweet with them, and called everyone ‘baby.’ ” And Spears brought a very special guest: son Sean Preston, to whom the school gifted a basket of Lyla Blu t-shirts.

And it wasn’t a one-shot deal: The next day, the pop diva returned solo and taught the same routine to another class. “Britney lives close by so I think she did it as a way of giving back to her community,” says Chase, who added that she would definitely be back to help her young fans with some more fancy footwork.

Credit: People.com

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