Just 1???

April 16, 2008 By Jordan Miller

What the hell? Britney is featured on just one tabloid this week?! F U In Touch, Star, and Us Weekly! If she isn’t on all the tabs does that mean her popularity is lyke fading away?!?!?! OK just kidding, gold stars for those mags. Life & Style still loves the Britney dramz. This week the Spears sisters get to share the cover! Awww. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen the girls together (“well then move the **** out!”). And Britney kissing Kevin?! In Hawaii?! WHAT! Where have I been. I mean we’ve only documented every single place she’s gone for the last 4 years (not a stalker, promise).

Sorry folks, just going to have to enjoy this one lonely, lonely cover this week.

PS – Is it just me, or do you know your mag is in trouble when you advertise that it’s an entire dollar cheaper than Us Weekly. Just sayin…


Woops. Looks like Star is printing the exact same ********. Oh rats mag…