**** it… just flip a coin already and be done with it!

The 10-person jury has yet to make a decision on Britney’s driving without a valid license case. According to x17online.com, since the jury cannot make a unanimous decision, “the attorneys for both sides had the opportunity to go before the jury one more time.”

“The prosecution argued that if they found Britney to be a California resident at the time of the incident, then they must find her guilty. But if they found her to be a Louisiana resident in possession of a valid Louisiana license on her person at the time of the accident, then she is innocent.”

Amerian, the prosecutor, concluded his statement saying Britney claimed herself a California state resident at the time of her divorce proceedings back in 2006, and now wants to declare herself as a Louisiana state resident to better her predicament.

Flanagan, Britney’s attorney, argued that “the burden of proof is on the prosecution, and if the jury cannot come to a unanimous decision, then there must be doubt and if there is doubt, they must find her innocent.

UPDATE: According to TMZ, “Jurors still have not reached a verdict and now the lawyers for both sides have asked for, and been granted, an additional five minutes each to argue the case even further.”

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