June 12 – Preston & Jayden Playing Outside

June 13, 2008 By Jordan Miller

Love these little guys. Sad world when they look up and see helicopters in the midst of playing outside yesterday afternoon. I’m part of the problem too, I know it. Both mom and dad are in Las Vegas for Kevin’s award ceremony as “Father of the Year” from Prive nightclub. In a poll conducted on BreatheHeavy asking if Kevin deserved to be awarded “Father of the Year,” with more than 6000 votes, 91.61% of you said no.

Assuming Seanny & Jayden are staying with the nanny and bodyguard this weekend. My offer is still on the table to take the nanny to lunch for all she does for the boys; she seems cool. Hope the boys have fun! June 12, 2008.

Source: x17online.com