Britney spends the night out with Alli in a bright green (un-pressed) dress. Britney also spent a moment showing us her new *******, and the agencies decided to capture the hell out of that moment! Oh Jeeze… June 11, 2007. Click the picture below to access the entire set of pictures in the gallery.

I’m so sorry.

You know what they say: While the cat’s away the mice will play. In the absence of Hollywood party-princess Paris Hilton, Britney has attempted to outdo her in sheer volume of clubs attended and zany antics on Monday night. The club-hop began at Spears’ favorite eatery Shu Sushi, traveled to Winston’s where Spears’ breasts flashed photographers and fans alike. Then moved to Guy’s and then to Joseph’s after which Britney’s fanny shocked onlookers by making a brief appearance. Spears and company closed their night with a trip to Jack in the Box to satisfy the late night munchies.

I’m so sorry.

Britney Spears just loves showing off all that junk inside her trunk. The mother of two was spotted outside Joseph’s in Hollywood last night, where she gave the wildly snapping paparazzi an eyeful of her once taut tush as she hopped into her car. The crowd of paps can even be heard groaning as her *** made its very special appearance. At least she wore ******* this time! Britney did manage to keep one embarrassing feature somewhat covered though — holding her hands over her nasty hair extensions on her way into the restaurant/club.

I’m so sorry. Monday night was ladies’ night for Britney Spears, who hit the town in L.A. with her assistant and BFF, Alli Sims, and some female friends.

For dinner it was SHU Sushi House Unico in Bel Air, which has become a favorite haunt of the singer’s. As always, she and her group dined in a private upstairs area, says a source, adding that Spears enjoyed her usual: California roll and a salad.

“She seemed happy,” says the source. “She just enjoyed the music [an XM “Chill” station], the atmosphere and the food. She was just having fun.”

Next the pals hit Guy’s, followed by a brief stop-off at Winston’s. “Britney and Alli were holding hands, not leaving one another’s side,” says a clubgoer. “Britney spent much of her time whispering into Alli’s ear, smiling, drinking a bottle of water – [she seemed to be] in a really good mood, goofing around.”

Just before 1 a.m., Spears and friends arrived at the hip Hollywood hangout Joseph’s, but by then, the evening was winding down. “Britney was pretty subdued,” says a witness. “She didn’t really appear to be having a good time. She was casually talking with Alli. All the guests were swarming around her table to try and get a peek.”

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