June 01 – Britney At Maddie Briann’s Dance Recital

June 1, 2013 By Jordan Miller

Britney is back in Louisiana for niece Maddie Briann’s dance recital! Lucky BreatheHeavy member Matthias performed in front of her, too! Here’s what he told BreatheHeavy:

“The whole reason Britney came back in town was to watch her niece perform in her recital. She came last night but snuck in briefly backstage, but today she had a seat in the audience and she watched most of the dances (Edan was here too)! At the end she came on stage for the finale to give the studio owner flowers.

Ps I got to dance and she watched me. This is the best day of my life.

My friend sat right in front of her and she touched her, cause she got up to leave and she also said she was singing toxic because this girl had a solo to toxic and it was a cover and she was singing along!!

Everyone was talking about how gorgeous she looked.

She was also so sweet and nice, like she didn’t have to come on stage and give the studio owner flowers!”

Check out a few photos from the event in XRAY:

June 01 - Britney At Maddie Briann's Dance Recital

You rock, Britney!