Looks like Britney took a cue from Gwen Stefani in the wardrobe department, wearing a kimono with leopard print belt. And it’s cute!

Why is it that for Britney, internationally broadcast interview with Matt Lauer = way too short jean skirt and way too low cut spandex top and Tao, Vegas = put your best foot forward and look like a hot momma?! Whatever the reason, we love it!

And hey, to all our peeps in Vegas — when Britney’s shopping at Ceasar’s Palace tomorrow or strolling Sean up to the high roller tables and you see her and you happen to have your camera with you and you happen to get pix — send ’em through to us!$$ Click the picture below to access the entire set in the gallery.

July 27 - Britney And Kevin In Las Vegas To Shoot Kevins Music Video

Since I live in Vegas, I am going to be a stalker and go to Ceasar’s Palace tomorrow and try to find her haha! Wish me luck!

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