Kevin Federline, who is paid $5000 to follow Britney on tour in addition to the $18 grand he is paid for “child support,” was spotted taking his two sons Sean & Jayden to the movies in Paris, France Monday afternoon.

Kevin’s girlfriend, the stripper / volleyball player Victoria Prince, also joined Kevin and the boys.

Must **** for her knowing she’s riding Britney’s coattails. Then again… she’s in good company!

Speaking of useless fat… Britney is demanding Kevin go on a diet, according to new reports.

“She’ll ask him, ‘When is the baby due?’” revealed a source.

“Britney called him ‘a fat housewife,’ and he just laughed, said the source. “He says he’s gained weight because he is happy and content, but Britney says he is just fat and lazy…

“Britney insisted he go on a diet and stop showing their kids it’s OK to be fat and sloppy,” said the source…

“Kevin was more than irritated by Britney’s diet demand, but he’s going along with it for now…

“Kevin says he doesn’t have to worry about his looks,” said the source, “because women still love him.”



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