Britney’s medical records will remain under lock and key after a judge denied Brand Sense’s request to view them to prove their case over a botched fragrance deal with Elizabeth Arden, reports

“Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Reva Goetz ruled that Brand Sense lacked standing to bring the request, not to mention the records were protected by privacy statutes.

Conservatorship attorney Andrew Wallet successfully argued that Brand Sense was not entitled to the medical records because they did not demonstrate any interest in the personal welfare of Ms. Spears other than their “selfish” interest in obtaining her deposition.”

Goetz agreed. She said Brand Sense wants Brit’s records not out of interest for Britney’s well-being, rather their own selfish reasons that were “adverse for Ms. Spears.”

“The judge also looked visibly angry, saying she knew Brand Sense said ‘the conservatorship was a sham,’ an assertion not supported by facts.”

It is understandable that her team wants to keep her safe and off the streets, but at the cost of her civil rights? Even IF Britney is cool with it, does that mean it’s just and should remain in effect? Sources say the conservatorship will end in 2012, but we’ll believe it when we see it.

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