Director spills on what it was like to film the video.

Joseph Kahn: Taylor Swift

Learn what happened during the video shoot.

Taylor Swift’s new video for “Out of the Woods” is a full-fledged fairytale, which finds the pop titan battling through various elements like fire, earth and water. The visuals were used to help assist a metaphorical battle that the singer faced during the fallout with a lover, and director Joseph Kahn wants you to know that Tay “majorly suffered” to create the 1989 music video.

Hours after the video premiere, Joseph took to the Twitterverse to talk about the making of “Out of the Woods,” confessing that she was quite the sport during various parts of the shoot. No stunt doubles. No manipulating camera work. When you see Taylor walking her way through the snow in her itty bitty dress (like she’s going to catch pneumonia) or crawling through the mud (like she’s in an episode of “Amazing Race”), it’s 100 percent real.

Just a few months ago, Kahn spoke to BreatheHeavy about what it’s like to work on a music video with Taylor, revealing just how hands on the superstar is when it comes to her visuals. “She’s 25-years-old and got her **** together. Super smart, super nice. She’s legitimately a cool person. It would have happened without me. I was lucky that Taylor is one of those smart people that can actually see my editing. One of the things that’s really interesting about working with her is that she’ll watch the edit with me as I shoot (because I edit as I shoot),” he said.

“She’ll see how I place an edit into the shot, and I can see her brain ticking, and seeing the pieces come together the same way I do. Literally as we lay the edits down, she’ll go ‘oh that’s cool’ and then she’ll do that and we’ll re-shoot something together and literally we’re like editing as we’re going along and there’s this weird communication that’s happening. That’s very rare.”

Back in November: flying in a chopper to scout locations for Out Of The Woods video.

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Yeah this looks like a good place to put wolves. #OOTWmusicvideo

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Three helicopters for #OOTWmusicvideo. One for people, one for ground equipment, one for camera.

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Watch Taylor Swift’s video for “Out of the Woods” below!

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