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Joseph Kahn Says Taylor Swift’s New Album ‘Reputation’ Is “A Monster”

Ready for it?

“There will be no further explanation. There will just be reputation.”

It’s safe to say that Joseph Kahn is a Taylor Swift stan. The “Look What You Made Me Do” director gushed to Variety about Tays forthcoming LP. Of course Kahn couldn’t go into detail, but he did offer a couple of crumbs.

“I’ve heard the whole album and it’s spectacular,” he said. “I’m a video director, not a musician, what she does is magical and her sensibilities in terms of what she thinks is a good song and a song should be constructed and the things she writes about. It’s always impressive to me every single time. I’ll just say that the album is a monster.”

Kahn also sheds some light on who Taylor is as a person and refutes that she’s a “manipulative” person. “Bottom line? Great person, smart, an artist.”

Watch the whole interview below:

Cue the snake emojis!

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