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Jordin Sparks’ ode to Instagram has been given the video treatment.

Following the release of largely ignored promotional track “It Ain’t You”, Jordin is staying on her grind ahead of third album ‘Right Here, Right Now’ with the first single from the LP, “Double Tap”. If you thought the song was ridiculous wait until you see the visual.

Check it out below:

The video plays like an extended Apple commercial, with the obligatory Beats by Dr Dre product placement for good measure. The visual features a pretty basic plot line with a group of girls getting ready to go to a house party whilst Jordin uploads various gratuitous videos to her Instagram. Instagram who incidentally are undoubtedly co-financing the clip as we’re treated to no fewer than fifty shots of the Instagram homepage during the four minute video.

On the flip-side, Sparks looks hot and showcases some simple but cute choreography, which isn’t a look we’ve really seen from the American Idol alum. There’s no doubt that Jordin’s going for something more urban this time around, which is fine, but it’s not a style that she wears in a wholly convincing fashion.

The less said about the track itself the better. The production is on point and 2 Chainz rap is fine but the lyrics are almost offensively poor and with a voice as good as Jordin’s it seems a shame to waste it on such a vocally uninteresting song.

Remember when Jordin Sparks had tracks as good as “Battlefield” and “No Air”? Realistically that’s the main problem with Sparks’ latest effort, it just doesn’t match up to the kind of material we know she has the potential to create.

Let’s all watch the clip for “Battlefield” to remind us of better times, shall we?

What do you think of Sparks’ new track?