Independent artists! You HAVE to get your mind right

January 22, 2020 By Jordan Miller

A video chat with Dyllan White.

BreatheHeavy’s bread and butter is coverage on the mega pop stars. Their fame drives traffic, but I want to use this platform to also shed a light on independent pop artists who could use the extra attention.

Recently, I low-key put out a notice asking for independent pop artists to hit me up to join my Creators program. I met an up and comer named Dyllan White, and we agreed to work together.

We’re rolling out some new of his new tunes in the very near future, beginning with a Britney Spears mashup (out Friday).

We connected to chat about his mindset going into a release, how independent artists can side-step the feeling of overwhelm and embracing the fear of a forthcoming release.

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments. Register an account in 30 seconds and use your voice.