I know that you’re kind of transitioning into doing work with people like Britney Spears. How did that come about and how do you feel about working with her?

J.R.: I was always just trying to work with talented dope artists in any genre. We just really made an effort to really get out there and work with all these people; I’m working with Mya, Jojo, Britney Spears, all that kind of stuff. Working with Britney specifically is great, I mean, she’s very talented and she’s just like a veteran, even though she’s young, she’s been performing and doing things for like 20 years.

When you get in the studio with her, she’s focused; she knows how her voice is. Even writing, we wrote a song and I was really impressed by her creativity and how well she knows herself. She’s just dope, she’s a veteran.

Credit: AllHipHop.com

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