All great things come in threes.


Ohhh ahhhhh.

Jojo announced last week she’s releasing three singles for her forthcoming untitled LP with Atlantic Records. She calls it a “tringle,” which stands for “The Simultaneous Release of 3 Singles,” and today (Aug. 17), she shares a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of her recording on one of them. It’s the delicious nostalgic Jojo vibe we’ve been waiting for, and though all we can hear are ad libs, it sounds promising.

Stack dat. #JoJournals #tringle #3singles #Aug21

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Deciding we needed to bring the tag around one last time just to make it even more drilled into ya braaaaaaain ? that's how you know it's real! #JoJournals #tringle #3singles #Aug21

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Inner yodel. ??? #JoJournals #tringle #3singles #Aug21

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The multi-release will happen after the 24-year-old completes her five-date jaunt around the U.S., where she is set to preview new music. The “Too Little Too Late” singer performed a new song, reportedly titled “Love Hurts,” at a iHeartMedia preview. Showcasing her powerhouse vocals, she sang “Love hurts baby / That’s how you know it’s real.”

You ready?