Jojo sings about recognizing what a real woman looks like.


“You betta recognize.”

If it didn’t say so, I would think Jojo just dropped a brand new song featuring up and coming NYC rapper Skizzy Mars because of how graciously important her presence is on their new song “Recognize.” In actuality, it’s Mars’ new tune from his upcoming debut LP Alone Together out April 8.

In the Michael Keenan and P-Lo-produced new tune, Jojo tones down the vocal gymnastics for something more subdued, singing “I hope you recognize a real a woman when you see one.” Mars raps, “I coulda wrote you a love letter, but I wrote you a song instead.” Listen to it here:

If you want more Jojo in your life, sit tight. The Tringle singer is working on her next studio album, her first since 2006’s The High Road.

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