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JoJo Reacts To ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Documentary: “I could have easily fallen victim to someone like R. Kelly”

JoJo, like the rest of the world, is horrified by R. Kelly.

Following the finale of Lifetime’s docuseries Surviving R. Kelly, the singer Tweeted a string of messages recanting her childhood dream to work with the disgraced R&B singer and why she’s so grateful it never came about.

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“Many of these stories I was hearing when I, myself, was wayyyy underage. Making my first album at 12 and then 14/15. I was a HUGEEEEE R Kelly fan, came from a broken home, had daddy issues, and wondered…how did these girls get chosen? I wondered if I could/would be,” she said.

Fortunately, JoJo’s mom never let her “get too close to predatory men who wanted to do god-knows-what to me,” adding that “If I didn’t have her, I could have easily fallen victim to someone like R. Kelly. Period.”  

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“I feel DEEPLY for these COURAGEOUS QUEENS who come forward and in some cases risk their lives 2share their story &let others know they’re not alone!!!! Going up against powerful people/ entities fucking intimidating/ terrifying.”  

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