Jojo finds inspiration from a friend for “Say Love.”


Jojo’s gal pal started crying during the recording session of “Say Love.”

That was the emotion the “When Love Hurts” singer tapped into when recording one of her Tringle tracks, admitting the revelation in the intro to her new “Say Love” acoustic performance.

“I had a girl friend that was in the studio with me and she was going through that exact thing,” Jojo said. “She had been the first to say I love you, and he didn’t say I love you back. She was crying as I was recording it and I knew that I tapped into something, and I was putting myself in her shoes.

“I wanted to feel what she was feeling.”

Watch here:

Jojo is currently performing the I Am Jojo Tour which kicked off earlier this month in Minneapolis, MN. Her next show is slated for Portland, OR on the 28th.

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