Jojo sings with a children’s choir, while Miguel drops by his old middle school.


Ahhh, to be a kid again.

Fifth graders in Staten Island’s Public School 22 choir were in for a treat when singer Jojo dropped by to sing her heart wrenching ballad “Say Love.” The stunning performance not only moved viewers and the kids involved, but the Tringle singer herself. After the performance, she said “I wanna do this every time. I wish they were on the road with me. Why can’t we just get them all passports and why can’t we travel the world together?”

Singer Miguel also recently sung for a group of kids, dropping by his old middle school in L.A. to perform two songs, including “Adorn.” He wrote on Instagram, “visited my old middle school for this years talent show tonight. crazy, I always loved the smell of the auditorium and it was exactly how I remember it. Huge shout to all the students, parents, family friends and staff. Loved every moment.” Watch the kids of Hawthorne, California’s Dana Middle School scream their lungs out:

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