Self aware queen.

JoJo released a new song titled “Sabotage,” featuring CHIKA. It follows “Joanna,” a self-reflective track about her past. “Sabotage” is cut from the same cloth. On it, JoJo stews in heartbreak and regret.

An all-star team of writers helped create the track, including Dan Wilson, Dylan Wiggins, Martin McKinney, Merna Bishouty and Michael Sonier, as well as Chika and JoJo. It’s produced by McKinney.

Man, it got so ugly / I was begging you to stay when you left our house,” JoJo croons over a sultry beat. “Said you never loved me (Loved me) / Had me ducking all the venom flying out your mouth / Ooh, closed your heart and you locked me out / Ooh, took a beautiful love and I turned it out.”

JoJo can do no wrong.


Listen below, then let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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