What could have been.

What could have been.

When JoJo was 12-years-old, she signed a deal with Blackground Records that would adversely impact her career for years to come. The arrangement went south and blocked the singer-songwriter from releasing music for an entire decade, including an album reportedly titled Jumping Trains. JoJo eventually filed a lawsuit against the label for “irreparable damages to her professional career” and has since aligned herself with Atlantic Records to release Mad Love, her first proper release since 2006’s The High Road, and the music she recorded for Trains has remained under lock and key. Until today…

One of those songs for the project is titled “The Other Chick,” and somewhere along the way was remixed by Zedd (before he made it big).

Interscope A&R representative Dave Rene told Billboard back in 2012 that Zedd’s re-working of “The Other Chick” was so much better than the original, that it caused conflict in their camp. It lead the original producers and writers of the song to stop it from ever seeing the light of day.

Billboard previously reported:

“Those early remixes could be original tracks easily. They’re not remixes, they’re from-the-ground-up reproductions,” Rene says. The songs included Diddy’s “*** on the Floor,” Gaga’s “Marry the Night” (which Zedd completed in just 24 hours and was selected for the Born This Way deluxe edition) and JoJo’s “The Other Chick,” which Rene says never saw release because it was too good. “It was so much better than the original it caused a giant rift in the camp, and the producers and writers wouldn’t let us put it out.”

It’s a certified BOP! Zedd’s talents elevate the song to an EDM, disco-inspired anthem that would put Ariana’s “Break Free” to shame (in a good way). Give it a listen below:

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