This is the ****!

This is the ****!

What happens when you put JoJo, Alessia Cara And DNCE’s JinJoo into a bathroom together? Well, yes that, but also music magic!

They recorded an impromptu acoustic performance of JoJo’s Mad Love cut “I Can Only,” which originally features Cara.

The trio popped a squat in a stall and belted out the track with ease, and if you can get passed Cara sitting on the toilet the entire time (you can), you’re in for a real treat.

“Alessia is the first artist that I played the first album for. She’s a friend of mine. I respect her so much,” JoJo said back in September during an interview with The Zach Gang Show. “I love what she’s bringing to the table as a young woman, as a songwriter and she’s a beautiful example of how you can be yourself and still win in this industry.”


Here’s the studio version:

Via PopCrush

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