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I’d say John Mayer is channeling his inner-Norah Jones on his new song “Love On The Weekend,” but the gentle singer-songwriter is a pioneer in the genre of dreamy mid-tempo love tunes.

His new tune is a whimsical escape from the ordinary, and he’ll be handing these sensual trysts out like candy in the new year. During a Q&A with fans on Facebook Live, Mayer mentioned having more material than he knows what to do with. “There are more songs than can fit on your standard sized album,” he said, adding: “but I do think next year is the year of more music coming than I’ve ever put out in one year.”

Listen to “Love On The Weekend” below:


We need love every day, but mostly on the weekend.

John Mayer hasn’t released new music since 2014’s “XO,” but that’s all about to change come Nov. 17 when he drops his new song “Love On The Weekend.”

We don’t know much about his forthcoming record, but The John Mayer Trio’s drummer Steve Jordan told ET the project will be called The Search for Everything, and Mayer said last month we’ll hear the collection “very, very soon.”

Mayer didn’t offer a straight-forward preview of the music, but it’s safe to assume his recent Insta-story of this guitar-based jazz music is a teaser of “Love On The Weekend.”

Check out the artwork below:


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