I tried to find something Britney and John Mayer had in common. OK OK they have that whole famous musician thing in common yadda yadda. But who cares about that, they both wear neon green thongs!

John Mayer, according to digitalspy.co.uk, is advising Britney to focus on her career to overcome her personal problems.


“I really feel for someone like Britney Spears. I just hope that there is a enough of a connection to the music because that is what keeps you going.

“I know for me if I had a crap day and I came home and I didn’t have any music to go to, I would be lost. I can always go home and plug in a guitar and go ‘that’s why I am getting followed around’.”

How sick would an unplugged, acoustic Britney / John Mayer duet be? I’m all for synthesized amazingness and heavy beats, but “Someday,” and “Little Me” are bomb mellow Britney tracks.

Now go back to screwing then pitying Jennifer Aniston! Thanks for the kind words!

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