Happy Inauguration Day.

Make Amerikkka **** Again.

That’s the message blazoned across Joey Bada$$’s sweatshirt on the cover art of the newly-released, politically charged track “Land of the Free.”

The rapper dropped the song today – his 22nd birthday – as Donald Trump gets sworn into office on Inauguration Day, which is a tough pill to swallow for many, to put it lightly.

Reflecting on America’s new reality, Bada$$ passionately declares his disapproval of the new President. “Sorry America, but I will not be your soldier / Obama just wasn’t enough, I just need some more closure / And Donald Trump is not equipped to take this country over / Let’s face facts.”

“Land of the Free” follows the rapper’s political freestyle that GQ posted yesterday, believed to be from a photo shoot, where he focused on race in America.

Joey Bada$$’ second album “AABA” is expected this spring.

Listen to “Land of the Free” and watch Joey’s GQ freestyle below.

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