JLo’s Wise Take On “A.K.A.” Album Sales

June 20, 2014 By Jordan Miller

JLo's Wise Take On "A.K.A." Album Sales

Jennifer Lopez isn’t going to sit back and let media bastards like myself knock all her hard work because we deem numbers define success. NO! She wants you to know she’s in it for the long haul, not that insta-****.

During her interview on The Breakfast Club today, JLo says it’s more important focusing on the overall greatness of her work.

“I make music, and I always have because I love it,” Lopez tells the radio hosts. “At a certain point in your career, there’s a reinvention that has to go on. But there’s also, you’re in it for a marathon, it’s not about a sprint. This is not a movie, this is not an opening weekend and it tanks. There’s singles that are gonna come out over the course of the next six months. So to me, the release of the album is a celebration because it’s the beginning of something new.”

Jenny also admits she’s trying to ride the wave of what’s in. She’s referring to the booty shaking and the plethora of music video teasers and mad promotion (let’s be real: JLo was A.K.A. whereas Mariah was M.I.A.).

“Mariah and I did what the kids are doing [now]. We had the time when we would drop the thing and it’d go straight to Number One and the album would go straight to Number One. We did that two, three, four times over. She’s probably done it many more times than even I did.”

Watch the full interview here:

Huge props to her for distinguishing what success means in the 2014 music industry. Yes, she may get slammed for selling 30K copies opening week versus newcomers like Iggy Azalea, but she’s remained a top dog for over 15 years. THAT by far beats out any number.