Her fans aren’t happy she’s working with an alleged sexual abuser.


Releasing a song about female empowerment produced by an alleged sexual abuser? Makes sense.

Jennifer Lopez is usually flawless, but her latest move is receiving major skepticism from fans who aren’t thrilled with her decision to release a song produced by Dr. Luke.

Lopez dropped her latest single “Ain’t Your Mama” onto iTunes early Thursday morning ahead of her television debut of it on the American Idol finale Thursday night. The song, written by Meghan Trainor and Jacob Kasher, is about men acting like little boys. “When you gon’ get your act together? I ain’t your mama.”

It’s a legitimate bop, but nothing special. JLo has enough star power to get her hands on almost anything – why this? Why Dr. Luke?

In case you’re living under a rock, Dr. Luke is currently embroiled in a widely-publicised legal battle with Kesha, who claims the producer raped and drugged her. A judge recently dismissed all of Kesha’s claims but one, handing the fallen singer another major setback in ridding herself of a contract that forces her to work with the man she says harmed her. The judge cites there isn’t enough evidence to support Kesha’s accusations.

By releasing a song produced by Dr. Luke, is Jennifer Lopez looking the other way? Is she taking sides? Should the industry separate Dr. Luke’s legal trouble from his work?

Let’s pretend Kesha is lying about all of this and Dr. Luke is 100% innocent, associating herself with someone in this predicament is horribly-timed and probably should be left alone. Just choose a Pitbull leftover track to promote instead.

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