JLo's "A.K.A." Is Expected To Flop In Sales

I’m going to cut to the chase: Jennifer Lopez’s new album, “A.K.A.,” is expected to TANK in sales its first week.

Jenny from the block’s expected to move 25,000-30,000 units in her debut week, according to early sales forecast numbers obtained by TheWrap.

To put things in perspective, Mariah Carey’s latest album, ”Me. I am Mariah … The Elusive Chanteuse,” debuted to fewer than 60,000 album sales and landed at number three on the Billboard 200. It’s safe to say JLo won’t see the Top 5.

JLo’s first three albums went multi-platinum. Her fourth, “Rebirth,” went gold and her next three records were, well… meh.

It’s time we redefine what “success” means in the industry. Is it numbers and sales? Or is it the quality of music?