JLo Wears Tight Pants A.K.A. “Booty” Promo

June 20, 2014 By Jordan Miller

JLo Wears Tight Pants A.K.A. "Booty" Promo

Jennifer Lopez embraced her curves in skin tight leggings while out in New York City on Friday. And I mean… ALL her curves. Damn girl, give it some room to breathe!

JLo is probably keeping it casual because her record label isn’t shelling out what they used to!

She told the Associated Press today:

“It used to be like this big magical world, almost like Oz, when you’d make a record,” the 44-year-old says. “(It) was like anything was possible.”

“Now, it’s like, ‘We’ll see if we can do that and we can give you this much,'” she says of record label meetings. “And you’re like, ‘Wow, OK. So how am I gonna do that?’ It’s a whole different mind-set.”

She finds the task challenging, but it’s pushed her to be more creative.

“What great idea can I come up with that costs nothing?”


JLo Wears Tight Pants A.K.A.