Let’s get loud.

A news anchor for ABC7 in San Francisco, who says he’s a producer for the forthcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show, ignited a stan war on Twitter. He playfully pointed out the amount of hits under JLo’s bedazzled belt, and how it’s a difficult task to narrow down what songs should make the final cut and still allow Shakira a few minutes to shine.

Because this is the Internet, stans of both pop stars decided to take the opportunity to bring the other down.

Shakira fans started dragging JLo for her album sales and award show accolades. There was enough backlash that it prompted the OP to clarify.

“Okay I have totally unintentionally caused a war between#Jlo AND#Shakira fans. I made a jokey tweet and y’all are out here defending your faves to the death,” he said. “Let’s enjoy them both at the concert that also features football. Truce. Peace. Whenever, wherever ready for tonight.”

The Super Bowl Halftime Show takes place on Sunday, February 2, 2020. Get the 🍿 out.

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  1. That wasn’t a joke, please. 🙄 That producer is just ignorant and biased because J.Lo is american (i know she is puerto rican ok) and is more of an english language singing artist than Shakira and of course being a white producer who doesn’t care about pop culture, he would favor J.Lo than Shakira. 🙄 I mean, even my mom cares more about J.Lo than Shakira. Shakira is like a popular delicacy to most people – that’s why. She’s like sushi. Not everyone likes it but it’s celebrated (Japanese food is the best kind of food I swear) and acclaimed and has Grammys and Latin Grammys and if you do enjoy sushi, then you’re cultured. But it’s not for everyone. J.Lo is like a burger. She’s mainstrain and generic and bad for your health and Grammyless and Oscarless and Golden Globeless but everyone loves. I love both girls but I’m just trying to get behind the producer’s brain on why he thinks that way – but i don’t agree with him because I love Shakira as well. However, the tea is only ‘Whenever, Wherever’, ‘Waka Waka’, and ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ are Shakira’s true iconic hits. Of course the gays know all the hits and everything is iconic to them but to the general public those are really the only three hits that are iconic to them. J.Lo in the other hand. Well, Jenny has 4 Hot 100 No.1s and Shakira only has 1. So can we blame the producer for being basic and tasteless and ignorant? No. It’s kinda understandable.

    But jokes aside, i love both girls. But I am looking forward to hearing ‘Whenever, Wherever’ and ‘On The Floor’.

    Let’s not kill the karma. Let’s not start a fight. It’s not worth the drama.

    1. Shakira was added last. It was first announced as Jlo SBL and then they add another artist. I think ignorant to put 2 different woman and artist in 13 mins esp then Shakira fans r really mad and delusional thinking their only artist deserve SBL. Her last album was flopping so hard, she only has those hits u said. and yeah u can call it sushi or whatever. the main thing is a great show we gonna get because of this 2 woman. i think they both deserve it. i hate that Shakira fans diminishing Jlo role cause she never had grammy. Britney said that grammy can kiss her *** and got the only 1. Popularity of the artist is not her accolades ut ppl who reaspect and love her. Jennifer is self made woman doing everything music, cinema, serials, tv shows and more. I look up to her and i am ready her to kill that stage.

        1. first then ppl just start rumouring were only talks of Jlo. They might announced together – i don’t remember.. I just heard Shakira was joined at last sec cause of Pepsi and Jayze

          1. But you said J.Lo was “announced” first? By who? I’m asking where did you see or watch or hear that she was announced first. Because I’m sure it was a double reveal.

    2. I am with you. I always Trying to figure it out why was he so mean? Why would he do it? He got 15 min of fame thanks to saying Shakira’s name in vain. Sometimes it seems it is on purpose doesn’t it?#LOL

  2. Holy crap! I literally almost spit out my cereal when I read who is producing the halftime show…I used to manage the building and condo association the producer lives in 🤣 and i can say that Reggie has a sense of humor. Please refrain from insulting him y’all. He’s a nice guy 🙂

        1. Well…lets not get it twisted. In America JLo is the bigger star and recording act but globally Shakira is the bigger recording artist. Shak doesn’t fare well in America anymore because her spanish albums actually sell unlike JLo’s. If i’m being completely honest i see this as JLo’s second wind and Shak has been going strong globally and in Latin America. Either way I’m excited for both of them and they are going to deliver an epic show. They are both showstoppers.

          1. Shakira maybe doing good in Latin America and Spain. But def not globally. Jennifer is good in Europe and America and she is well known globally bc of her all other projects. So for Shakira performing SB is really to remind ppl of America that she exists. And Jlo just gonna do that she always does best-kill that stage

          2. Me too, I agree with you. I think they must remind they are both latinas and represent the community. They are Both Rich and beautiful they should both feel honored to work TOGETHER instead this producer try to put Jlo Over Shaki for being “AmericanA” rsrs

  3. It was a mistake since the moment they announced them together. Both Shakira and JLo are huge (I said H–U-G-E) on their own. I don’t know why they did such a thing, or even worst, why each artist accepted that proposal. And if JLo was somehow being announced first (I can totally remember the rumors of her being an option for months) then worse on her; I mean, why would they need to make her perform with somebody else? JLo could abso-freaking-totally pull this off on her own, but I have an immense respect for Shakira. That woman is a pro and has an incredible music career. Whoever disrespects her in the least is dilusional and an ignorant hater.
    This makes me sad, because at the end of the day we have two amazing, charismatic and extremely talented women who are dancers and singers and musicians and nice people, and even then they are pitted against each other. Besides, when they announced male artists like Bruno Mars or Justin Timberlake, those ******* barely stood on stage alone because they can’t hold it on their own: they were most of the time accompanied by someone else, so why announce JLo and Shakira together? Just make one of them a surprise guest performer, like most other artists did, and that’s it.
    Also, as we’ve all heard and seen in documentaries or behind the scenes videos how expensive and complicated and time-consuming producing and preparing and practicing for a Super Bowl performance is, I wonder how anyone could think that bringing two A-list performers and their teams would be a good idea… Working on it already is a challenge, so I can only imagine how complicated it must be to work alongside another completely different team and lose independence. Besides, JLo and Shakira are absolutely known for being PERFECTIONISTS! Since day one.
    This was a recipe for disaster. But I honestly wish them well. I know that they can pull this off!

    1. Well we know that is SB…everything could happen. This is an unnecesary stress for both artists and for the fans. I do hope who doesn’t know JLo and who doesn’t know Shakira…learn how relevant they are. I love JLo and Always loved the idea of them performing and colaborate TOGETHER! I love Shakira since I was 6 years old and as a fan I don’t care if Jlo ano Shakira are sharing this moment with one another cause That’s what big artists MUst do because it shows how big they are.

  4. I believe they must stop acting as children . Specially Jenny from the Block and her producer. It was tottaly a shade. Unhappy shade because Shakira has a stronger fan base OUT of the US. OF COURSE this comment this…”joke”? Would be taken as a shade…the way I see it was acctually a shade.
    But ignorant from the producer…Reggie Aqui was biased for the star of Puerto Rico that is basically a US backyard. If Jlo was so bothered about that she shouldn’t have made the announcement for Pepsi with Shakira…what proves they have to fight and not against each other anymore. And what on Earth is he saying what does he mean WITH “Whenever, Wherever ready for tonight”??? What??? Man he tried to save himself with the speech of football but he was the one who “unintencionally caused” a war. All over the world Shakira fans know how to send a message.

    1. No she doesn’t (sorry new here)

      Shakira hasn’t had a top 10 hit in UK, US, Canada, Australia sinces the 00’s..

      Let’s put this is into prospective,
      Jennifer Lopez Certified RIAA album sales alone are more than Shakira Entire Certified ALBUMS in the US,UK,ASIA alone lone

      Shakira has 6 UK top 10 hits
      Jennifer Lopez has 17

      Shakira has 4 US top10 hits
      JLo has 4 US number number 1 singles

      Let’s leave that there 😉

      Shakira hasn’t sold absolutely no were near the amount of records as JLo and Looking at the stats JLo absolutely wipes the floor with Shakira in the UK US and ASIA lol we’res Shakira outselling JLo? Peru?

      Oh and Shakiras biggest hit (HDL) went to number 1 in 14 countries (and it’s Certified global sales are less than 7 million)

      Jennifer’s on the Floor went to number 1 in 21 countries (and Just going of its global Certified sales 8.7 million) put it millions Infront oh and

      On the floor Vs hips don’t lie

      YouTube and Spotify combined streams On the floor has 500,000,000 more streams

      Shakiras biggest US Certified album X3 platinum
      JLo has a X3 platinum album + a X4 platinum album in the US

      Shakira has 10 albums that are Certified in the US and still don’t amount to 9 million, JLo 5 albums have exceeded 10 million in Certified sales alone.

      Anyways Love Shakira but come on she has since her 2002 cross over breakout

      Whenever wherever
      Hips don’t lie
      Waka waka

      And that’s it’s no one in the main stream market could list another record by her (and I’m not been shady I love **** loads of her songs but come on)

      JLo has

      If you had my love
      Waiitng for tonight
      Let’s get loud
      Love don’t cost a thing
      Jenny from the block
      I’m real
      Ain’t it funny
      Ain’t your mama
      Get right
      On the floor
      No me Ames

      She’s way ahead in popular culture with hit records and That shows on the biggest music markets in the world

      JLos at 10 million records in the UK

      Shakiras barely at 5

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